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  • Val Humpherson

    Val Humpherson

  • Nishant Rana

    Nishant Rana

    Nishant Rana is an Ad-Film Director based out of Mumbai, India. See his work at :

  • Teia Brînză

    Teia Brînză

    Here and there. Writer, all time in my head; curious explorer of my inner life and the outside world. A human being living the chaos within.

  • Pseudonym


    Journaling about ideas in philosophy, psychology, art, and religion. Inspired by the works of Jung, Nietzsche, Jordan Peterson, Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard, etc.

  • Emil Calin

    Emil Calin

  • rapheal alali

    rapheal alali

    Freelance Blogger| Public Policy Analyst| Poet|

  • Ever Fabian Silva

    Ever Fabian Silva


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